Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Distant Passion

The thousands twinkling stars in the sky,
Points me to the realm of dream,I want to fly.

My mind is a clouded space where logic dwells,
Distorting my balance with sights,sounds & smells.

My reason is loosing the grip on my sense,
I am living is past & not in present tense.

I see , I feel, I breathe,I live in my dreams,
I am awake but my mind is lost it seems.

My heart is aching for the woman who is so far,
I fight against time with the hope to be together

The rain, the sun,the wind , the hail are just passing by me,
I am drowned for the woman on the other side of Arabian sea.

My heart , it skips a thousand beat,
Waiting for the day when we meet!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lets be the candle

Let us be two candles
Burning in the brightness of the dark
Let us burn slowly
For time steals the life from us
Let us not sway by wind
For wind blows passion away
Let us not flicker by wetness
For wetness is for teary eyed sadness

Let us spread light all over
Let us not create shadows
Let us burn together ,forever.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

VERY Short Story 5: Achievement

Climbing Mt Everest was her life long dream. She has prepared for it mentally,physically and financially for the past 10 years.Wandering impatiently in the 'Base Camp' she picks up the phone to call her dad for his blessing. Her dad has been her mentor since birth. When her mom passed away her dad ensured that she made it big in the big bad world. His support was key in her dream for conquering the Mt Everest.She knew that for the next one week she will be cut off from the world and will be walking towards the highest point in the world,which she has dreamt for the past decade.


She stood there on the top with the tricolor in her hand. The very thin air on the summit smelt like success. She had done what only a few Indian women have achieved. It was a proud moment in her life. 

All she wanted now was to race down the mountain and tell her dad exactly how she felt standing on the top of the world! He deserved to share that moment with her.


After reaching the base camp she switched on the mobile.Immediately she dialed her dad.She was excited. No one picked up the call after many rings. Then her phone beeped with all the undelivered messages from the past week rushing to fill the inbox. She opened the topmost message. It was from her neighbor, it read "Your Father had passed away this morning"!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

VERY Short Story 4: Perspective

I never knew the reason why i was neglected. My master was a nice man but he liked 'Bozo',the dog, more than me. He would come from the field and Bozo would run to him and bark at him. He would get down from the horse and pet him. I miss that. I feel the need to be loved and petted like Bozo. In winter Bozo got the cozy corner near the fireplace ,In the rainy season Bozo got the shade of his fashionable dog house,In the summer Bozo got a personal wash by master on weekends. I yearn for those moments in my life.

One fine day i decided that enough is enough.When my master came back home i ran towards him and brayed at the top of my voice. He was shocked for a moment and then took out his gun and shot me. Before loosing into permanent sleep i could hear him say " The Donkey had gone mad".